Spec shootout: 2014 Honda City diesel vs Hyundai Verna diesel

07 Jan 2014 /   

The eagerly awaited Honda City diesel launch is just around the corner. So far we’ve brought you all the information you would need on the car including a comprehensive road test. If you have missed our City diesel coverage so far, click on the links given below.


However, the one question that remains to be answered is how the City will do against the segment best seller − the Hyundai Verna diesel. While we can only give you the definitive answer when we put both cars together, here’s a head to head spec comparison between the cars.

From the spec sheet and our experience, it’s safe to say that while the Verna might give you the option of more power, the Honda offers adequate performance and fantastic fuel efficiency. The ARAI figures suggest that this is one of the most efficient cars that you can buy. The City also has the trump card of being larger and more spacious than the Hyundai. It also has better high speed manners. While the final verdict is some time away, let us know what you think based on the pure specs in the comments below.

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Honda City diesel vs Hyundai Verna diesel

Honda City diesel
Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDi
Hyundai Verna 1.4 CRDi
Type4-cyliner DOHC turbo diese4-cyliner DOHC turbo diesel 4-cyliner DOHC turbo diesel
Power (PS@rpm)100@3600128@400090@4000
Torque (Nm@rpm)200@1750265@1900-2750224@1750-2750
Top speed163kmph188kmph
Claimed fuel efficiency26kmpl
Overall length (mm)
Overall width (mm)
Overall height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Ground clearance (mm)
Tyre Size175/65 R15
195/55 R16
185/65 R15
Seating capacity
Boot space510465465
Electric power assisted
Electric power assisted
Electric power assisted
Turning radius
MacPherson Strut, coil spring
MacPherson Strut, coil spring
MacPherson Strut, coil spring
Torsion beam
Torsion beam
Torsion beam

  • http://satishchour.wordpress.com/author/satishchour/ SatishChour

    I think Honda have got themselves a winner here. A perfect balance of power and efficiency. Looks better (at least for me), is built better, more spacious, and definitely better dynamics compared to the Hyundai’s Verna.

    My vote is for the Honda City Diesel.

  • Getz Kalish

    Honda city Front Design Very Boring, But Hyundai Verna Fluidic Design Already Hitting Asia,Africa,Europe & US. Hyundai Verna City Travel Good Car & Also Highway But Indian Normal Road 3 or 4 peoples Inside car Very poor suspension Impact. Best eye catching design Hyundai Verna,Millage Also good.May be Honda city best Fuel efficiency car.
    But Am Waiting For Honda city.

    • Akshay Biswas

      R.I.P. English…

    • satya

      R.I.P English Grammar

    • whodunit

      Perhaps you don’t even know what you are discussing about. There’s no Verna in the U.S, only Elantra. Who says it’s hitting well in the Europe? Read facts before commenting.

      • Harun

        Leave it, bro .. his name is “Getz” … so obviously he owns a Hyundai and will naturally(like all other Hyundai ‘enthusiasts’) talk crap about all other cars.

        • Abbasabu Abu


      • Sunil

        Sorry to correct, the Verna is called Accent in many places.

      • Abbasabu Abu

        Hey Mister !!
        Verna Also called
        Hyundai Accent Blue

        Hyundai Accent WIT (South Korea, hatchback)

        Hyundai Fluidic Verna (India)

        Hyundai Solaris (Russia)

        Hyundai Grand Avega (Indonesia)

        Hyundai i25 Accent (Colombia,Israel)

        Hyundai i25

      • tsood

        In US Verna named as accent

    • Abbasabu Abu

      Its ok U Try Boss

  • whodunit

    Honda will rule once again..

  • Amit

    Look at the top of comparison list ..

    Honda City diesel vs Hyundai Elantra diesel.. were as comparison is between city and verna

  • geemon

    honda kerala shroom executive geemon 9747212276

  • D

    Hi there, can anyone help me out me choosing the best automatic in this segment? On one hand there is facelift Verna Automatic which comes in 4 gear Diesel automatic, on there the new Honda City comes only in CVT Petrol Automatic. So which one will you suggest?

    • Anantt Narayan Shenoyy

      The Verna Diesel Automatic Is The One To Go For :)

  • Vic

    I value reliability and durability, fuel economy, spacious car. I want thousands of trouble-free miles and that’s why I would pick 2014 Honda City. Honda’s excellent reputation for reliability and quality is a major factor. I’m pleased with overall driving and owning experience with Honda cars.

  • Pravin M

    Hyundai Verna easily for me..

    • Pravin M

      I really don’t mind the cars dynamics being poor above 120.. Verna has better styling, better overall quality levels, far better acceleration, much more smoother engine n suspension, better value for money too..

      City has more space, better dynamics, better fuel eff..

      Overall Verna diesel it is..

  • Sherdill

    I own a honda city diesel as well as my previous car was verna fluid 1.6. I found honda much better than verna as it has a good balance and a good pickup.
    car has a sunroof as well which symbolizes a luxury status car. The Push start button also is one of the great feature and the quality of city is also good enough.
    I found honda city service and management also much efficient than that of hyundai as some of verna spare part are not available often….
    if you want a luxury and featured car then go for Honda City…:)

  • Yazir

    I was planning to buy a C segment car for long and test driven Sunny and Verna. But i found that the rear seat posture of Verna was very upright! I felt it was uncomfortable for a long drive. Sunny was good, but i didn’t like the ride quality or the design. So yeah i think i am gonna settle for Honda City, but the question is which variant i should go for. We hardly use the car on a daily basis. So shouldnt i go for the petrol? But the mileage is like huge difference between petrol and diesel. So am confused. What do i do?

    • aths

      Go for Honda city its very comfortable and interior of Honda city are far more better than Verna

    • tsood

      Look yazir
      There is no doubt all 3 cars are good in terms of quality and satisfaction
      As Sunny is spacious, Honda known for it’s quality promise and Hyundai has a segment topper you can purchase any of them but invaded case of petrol and diesel. I think u should first check that how much u drive in a month if u drive more than 2000km a month then go for diesel

      Ya 1 thing more decide between Hyundai and Honda bcoz they deliver satisfaction more than your money

  • Dhananjay Patil

    As in new Hunyadi Verna suspension is upgraded… Stability at high speed is now better.
    Verna also comes with all four disk brakes with ABS and EBD witch is a point up on Honda city…
    Interior in Verna is far better than Honda city.. (Rich like European cars)
    Exterior of Verna 2014 is more eye-catching than city.. Got people turning there heads as car passes away, the new Projector headlamps are just sexy and daytime running LEDs make it feel luxurious…
    On highways overtaking over Honda city is as easy as cutting butter with knife…
    Overall I found that Verna rules over city….
    But I respect Everyone’s point of view.

    • Dhananjay Patil

      #*Hyundai Verna